Orlando Sol: The Fast-Rising and Maturing ‘Masculado’

Words by Jude Cartalaba

Fresh from his role as Jason in the recently concluded Dulaang UP’s 35th season second offering title ‘Shock Value… the Return of TV’s Most Beautiful Monsters’, he gamely sat with me in a Starbucks coffee shop somewhere in West Avenue and shares his view about life and his blossoming career in ‘Masculados’ managed by ace and veteran director Maryo J. Delos Reyes.

Despite the muscles he developed over the years and being blessed with a body-to-die-for, this 23-year-old man from Agusan del Norte also feels pain and admitted that he is no superman, but like any other human being who shed tears when caught up in heart-brokenness.

Recovering Hunk

Watching Chomo (his nickname) as he essayed his character In ‘Shock Value’ as Jason, the call boy lover of Matt Desaparecidos played by both Andoy Ranay and Joijit Lorenzo, one can say and agree that another Yul Servo-in-the-making is born.

In his monologue scene (actually not really a monologue, but an interview portion) in the latest stage presentation; Orlando was able to deliver the emotions needed at the moment. And in our conversation, he admitted that is he is still recovering from a recent breakup with his girlfriend of one year and three months.

Among the four girlfriends, the latest was the longest. He loved the girl, but it turned out the object of his affection couldn’t deal his lifestyle, his career as one of the ‘Masculados’.

For five to six months he was depressed, but he had to pick up himself because he still has two brothers pursing nursing, which he is supporting.

The Responsible ‘Kuya’

Emanwell Caneles in real life is the second among the four broods. His dad tills the rice fields and the coconut plantation while his mom is a teacher. He chose to quit his studies and assumed as the role of a ‘responsible’ elder brother (since their eldest has her own family now), he helped his parents in sending his two younger brothers finish college education.

Chomo has no regrets at all in giving up his own educational advancement since he finds the joy of seeing his two brothers becoming registered nurses someday soon.

“Who else would help my family?” he stressed his major decision.

His family is his source of inspiration and would do anything just to provide comfortable living.

Even at his age, he already exhibited the traits of a maturing and loving man; one as a bread winner and a real ‘tough’ individual not just because of his well-developed built, but because of his outlook in life.

His Life as a Masculado

From his former group called ‘M-gage’ which he finds it like the ‘Backstreet Boys’—very wholesome in its packaging , in ‘Masculados’ he is very different.

“With ‘Masculados’, we are all matured guys,” Orlando describes his muscled guy group.

"We are all eight, ages 21 to 30. Here we sing ‘novelty’ songs and show some skin."

The ensemble treats each other like real brothers and if there are any problem especially with performances—they are quick to resolve it by talking it amongst themselves.

He is also grateful being handled by Direk Maryo because they’re guided and treated like his children.

“As a manager, Direk Maryo is one person whom we can pour our personal issues.”

The group has a scheduled concert tours in Guam, Syria and Canada.

Today, he is one of the black sorcerers in ‘Illumina’, a GMA-7 teleserye.

All the successes he is enjoying right now, he credits it for being patient. He also believes in, “If it’s meant for you—it really is meant for you.”

Orlando’s dream roles are that of films similar to ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Black Hawk Down’.

When asked what tips he could share to aspiring actors, he was quick to respond by saying, “Don’t lose focus on what you want to achieve.”

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